Moose Piss White Stuff 5L (Snow Foam)

Moose Piss White Stuff 5L (Snow Foam)

Fire Up Your Pre-Wash Routine With Moose Piss White Stuff Snow Foam Shampoo

  • White Stuff's super-thick snow foam gives you a quick and easy way to clean up your car. Its a powerful pre-wash that creates a thick, clingy foam for increased contact time. The powerful cleaning agents inside the foam quickly break down dirt and traffic film, allowing you to simply rinse most of it away.

Makes Car Cleaning Easy

  • Streaky paintwork occurs when you drag tiny particles of dirt across your paintwork Normally, this means youll have to be careful when washing your car, making the process turn into a chore. If you use a White Stuff Snow Foam, it will break down most dirt on the surface of your Vehicle before you go in with your wash mitt. It guarantees youll get a spotless, streak-free shine without the effort.

Neutral Formula for Sensitive Paintwork

  • Despite being a concentrated cleaning formula, White Stuff Ultimate Snow Foam is pH neutral. This means its suitable for use on any vehicle even on very sensitive paintwork. Its also safe on any part of your car, including diamond-cut alloys, lacquered wheels, wax seals, rubber, plastic trim, glass, and mirrors.
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